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Founded in 1977, WoodPro Cabinetry brings premier, custom bathroom cabinetry to customers across North America. Their commitment to craftmanship and American manufacturing ensures a quality product.

When respect and motivation of the team combines with focus on customers, the customer is clearly the winner.  WoodPro’s success has come from developing their people and trusting them to do the right thing.

With the Woodpro Quality-On-Time (QOT) System; special orders can be produced and delivered in the same quick cycle as stock cabinetry. The system must be working since their fill rate has averaged over 99% since 1993.

At Visionary Baths and More showrooms we have well-trained staff available on-site that are more than ready to help. Come in to one of our showrooms to view working displays; and to certainly ask questions about  your bathroom update, remodel or new project before you start. During your visit we can discuss many options you may or may not know about, just yet. Let’s start planning today.

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