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The Delta brand lives by three precepts. 1. Water has the power to transform the way people feel every day. 2. There can be magic in simple solutions. 3. Innovations flow from human insight.

Delta has advanced in technological innovations like Touch2O®, MagnaTite® Docking and H2Okinetic® Technologies. Pairing thoughtful features, like being able to turn on your kitchen faucet with a tap of your elbow, with breathtaking designs and product that’s built to last a lifetime.

At Visionary Baths and More showrooms we have well-trained staff available on-site that are more than ready to help you. Come in to one of our showrooms to view working displays; and to certainly ask questions about using Delta in your kitchen or bathroom update, remodel or new project before you start. During your visit we can discuss many options you may or may not know about, just yet. Let’s start planning today.

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